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Why This Is The Best And Most Simple Method To Trade


Every trader needs a trading system that is consistently profitable to trade and one that has all the required attributes to create success.

Our trading method we believe is second to none in both simplicity and consistency.

It consists of Two RULES.

The first is just like following a traffic light signal on the highway. This is because our unique proprietary trading tool paints the price bars of a chart according to its overall strength, weakness, or neutrality.

BLUE price bars indicate Strength.

RED price bars indicate Weakness.

GREEN price bars indicate a neutral bias. (In other words, DO NOTHING)

To begin..

Open a chart of any instrument. This could be a Foreign Exchange pair, an individual share, a commodity or maybe even a stock index, such as the FTSE 100, Dow Jones, S&P 500 etc.

Select the timeframe you would like to use. This might be a Daily timeframe, a 5 minute timeframe or something in between.

Load our trading tool and look at what colour the price bars are being painted on the timeframe you have selected.

If they are green do nothing. If they are RED it means this market is showing signs of weakness. If the price bars are being painted BLUE it would indicate a sign of strength.

This is very much like following the colours of traffic light signals on the highway. Simply follow the colours of the Price Bars!

Part Two…. Confirming the signal.

We already know depending on the colour of the price bars the direction we want to be trading but before we click the trade button we have a Price Action rule that further confirms the signal before a trade is entered.

Our Price Action rule set does two things. It confirms the present trend and gives us exact strategic prices where to place our PROTECTIVE STOPS. Controlling risk and managing it precisely, is the most important factor to achieving trading success once you have a methodology for determining trades.

Yes, there is a little learning to our Price Action rules but they are sure worth learning because our traffic light software trading tool and our associated confirmation rules make this the simplest and best trading system anyone can use to become a “Winning Trader”.

The consistency they both create enables you to have profitable trades on a regular basis with low risk entries.

Look at our trades posted on the home page of our website to see our Trading Tool and Methodology in action.