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Why Learn to Trade With Us?


Let us begin by telling you our team has over 40+ years Trading Experience.

Ian Foster, our founder and lead educator has been trading and investing in the Financial Markets since the early 1980’s. He has been teaching and mentoring others to successfully trade the Financial Markets using his Price Action Method since 1998. Over these 20+ years we have taught hundreds and hundreds of traders across many different Countries of the World to trade. Some of our past students have went on to make trading their profession, indeed we have a few that are now high profile professionals and appear as regular contributors on TV.

Ian has featured in many different financial publications over the years and has been a regular contributor to Financial Online TV Channels. He has spoken at many different trading events in the UK and continues to do so to this day. He is highly regarded as a “professional” in this industry.

Over the years our team has simplified and perfected a trading method that is second to none in determining trading signals no matter the Financial Instrument being traded. Our method is based on being able to read the price structure of a market correctly. This is otherwise known as “Price Action”. This knowledge coupled with our unique proprietary trading tool gives the trader a true edge in the marketplace when it comes to instigating trading signals.

The education we provide to all our members in learning how to use these tools to the maximum is second to none. We differ from most if not all in the Financial Education industry simply because of our PERSONAL UNLIMITED MENTORING. We know we have the BEST and SIMPLEST method you can use to successfully trade the markets, but you must learn how to use them best in order to gain the maximum benefit. The most efficient and quickest way to do this is with one-to-one personal training/mentoring sessions.

Not only do we offer a Personal training and mentorship program, but we have virtual group training events and LIVE Trading Sessions together with unlimited email support.

Everything we do is for the benefit of members in their aim of becoming a “Winning Trader”.

“I appreciate the time you have spent with me recently in helping me understand with certainty your method for trading signals. It was just a light bulb moment that just turned the switch on during our last call. Without your personal one to one help this would have taken much longer to happen for me. Thank you so much”……. Roy W…

If you want to achieve success as a Financial Trader, you have no better opportunity to do so than put your belief and trust in us to be your educators and mentors.