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A very important aspect of trading is not sitting by your screen all day waiting on trades to happen. Having to do this creates impatience. Impatience often means entering a trade that is not really there. The advantage of using our software is you can set up your charts with the software loaded and get the program to email you when the bars on that instrument changes from one colour to another.This means that it is very easy to then look at that particular instrument and analyse the price action, such as it’s current VBTP trend to discover if this is an opportunity that you would like to take. Let’s use an example of the GBPUSD on say a 60 Minute chart going from green (neutral) to blue. This is an indication that the buying pressures are greater than any selling pressures. Then analyse the price action VBTP trend to confirm the uptrend  is in place. Now enter a trade with the probability now in your favour that this market is going to move upwards also remembering to put your protective “STOP” in the market at the time of your trade entry. Then continue to wait on the next instrument that notifies you of a colour change etc and do the same again..When you have a visual indicator such as this I think it is easy to see that it doesn’t take much time analysing different instruments based on their bar colour and price action trend. The methodology we use to trade is the same on all instruments and time frames. The advantage of this is one might want to trade after finishing work in the evenings. Simply load a chart in a smaller time frame with the indicator and see are there any new opportunities arising. If there are, enter a trade and follow the colours of the bars until that move has been exhausted (bars changing colour) or your target has been hit. Having the ability to be able to do this greatly saves time. .


A Unique Indicator that simply paints price bars “RED”, “BLUE” or “GREEN” as a sign of Weakness, Strength or Neutrality respectively.

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Our Unique indicator takes the guess work out of decision making. Follow the colour of the bars in conjunction with a trading plan and risk strategy for outstanding results.

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Using our visual indicator means you will save lots of time looking at charts because of the visual colours indicating strength, weakness or a neutral bias. The signals can be sent to your email on the particular markets and time frames you are interested in.

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Our team has over 40 years of trading experience. Our lead educator has been teaching others to successfully trade the Financial Markets since 1998.

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Full access to our MEMBERS area where you will learn our complete “Price Action Trading Method”. This includes our Vertical Bar Trading Pattern. This is the only pattern that occurs at every top or bottom in every market and time frame.

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