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A Uniquely Developed Software Trading Tool

It works in any Traded Financial Instrument and on ANY TIME FRAME.


Our Price Action Methodology is very Powerful, in fact we believe there is not a more powerful methodology you can use to make good trading decisions however there was always a challenge to determine if a trading tool could be added to this powerful methodology that would further compliment and confirm the signals it was indicating.

It was this line of thought that led to the development of this unique trading tool.
Our challenge was of trying to replicate a trading tool that would work hand in hand with our Price Action Methodology. A methodology that is based on getting into new trends as early as possible, letting those trends run and then exiting once the price action of the move indicates exhaustion. It was through many hours of hard work that we eventually developed this software trading tool using a sophisticated algorithm that was able to track the price action signals and confirm and complement each stage of the process. It is able to do this with remarkable accuracy.
It works equally well no matter the Financial Instrument and no matter the timeframe. It could be a range chart, 5 min chart, 60 min chart or Daily chart. It will very definitely compliment all trading chart timeframes.

It is a visual indicator that paints the Price Bars Red, Blue or Green indicating a sign of weakness, strength or neutrality respectively.

Visually it assures you of not missing a trending market again.

It catches new trending moves and then tracks those moves until they are exhausted which is a key component to being a successful trader.

Available for all major charting packages such as MT4, Trade Station and Ninja Trader etc.

As a member of you have full access to the software coupled with ALL FUTURE UPDATES at no extra cost.

Professional Training.

As a member of the family not only do you receive in depth training in relation to our Price Action Trading Methodology but also training in how to maximise those signals in conjunction with the software indications. This training further helps to create an trading edge, something that all traders are looking for in order to have consistent success.

Red Bars Indicating Weakness Strength

Blue Bars Indicating