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Our Unique Indicator


We have developed an amazing piece of software that picks out the beginning of new trending moves in any Financial instrument with remarkable accuracy.This indicator simply paints the price bars “Blue” as a sign of strength, “Red” as a sign of weakness or green indicating a neutrality. Our unique indicator has remarkable accuracy no matter the time frame or range bar that is being used to trade from. If it is Forex, Stocks, Commodities or even the Indices you trade or wish to trade and you want a true indication of their next likely direction then this has to be the indicator for you. 

When used in conjunction with our “PRICE ACTION TRADING” methodology you really do have the trading edge.

Available for all major charting packages such as MT4, Trade Station and Ninja Trader etc.

Imagine being assured of not missing a trending market again. This is exactly what will happen if you join us. It is being able to catch these trending moves and letting one’s profit run that is the key to having a successful trading career.

What is being offered is not only a UNIQUE piece of software that delivers amazingly accurate signals but a true Masterclass training program that offers an Amazing Opportunity to each of our clients to trade with success and to trade on a par with any professional. We do deliberately call it a Masterclass because that is firmly what we believe it to be.


  • Our Unique software that visually colours each bar that indicates not only if there is more Buying or Selling pressure but also indicates if there is a neutral bias.
  • Professionally delivered training where you will learn the complete “Price Action Trading Method”.
  • Access to regular webinars where you are able to interact and continually learn.
  • Continuous email support and telephone support (if required)

OUR TRAINING PROGRAM In our program you will learn how to use our unique indicator to its maximum effect by also learning our very comprehensive yet straightforward “Price Action Trading Method”. Our “Price Action Trading Method” is very powerful in its own right but when coupled with our visual indicator it makes trading that little bit easier with sometimes astonishing results! Our leading educator, Ian Foster has been trading on a Daily basis for over 20 years and has been teaching others to trade through workshops and personal tutoring since 1998. The experiences he has gained and the knowledge that he imparts with all attendees is very much second to none. He has featured in different Financial publications such as “Shares” magazine and has spoken at many trading events in the UK. He is a regular contributor on TIP TV. The objective of our training program is to ensure all our clients have the best opportunity possible of being successful. As a team we work tirelessly to make this happen. On our regular training webinars, (that are only available to all our clients) we go through all aspects of our methodologies and go over charts of the past week complete with our indicators and analyze each of the trades. We continually show and demonstrate how to maximise our software signals in conjunction with our “Price Action Trading Method” Doing this gives everyone a real understanding of how to make informed decisions and take only those trades with a high probability of success.

We are launching this unique Indicator, complete with all the associated training for a heavily discounted price of £499.00

The normal price of £995.00 will resume after the launch period.

This represents fantastic value for money considering the package that is on offer. We offer a 30 Day money back guarantee to those that are not satisfied with their product.

OVERVIEW • Full access to our unique software. • A full and intensive training program lead by veteran traders. • Learning the complete “Price Action Trading Method” from beginning to end. • Learning how to master the complete money management techniques that are needed for success and longevity. • Access to our regular webinars and continuous one to one help.

WHAT KEY THINGS CAN I LEARN • How to trade our unique software with precision accuracy. • How to analyse and trade any Financial market based on “Price Action”. • Know at the time of entry in any time frame where ones protective “Stop” needs to be placed. • How to use proper money management techniques that firstly protects your account but also helps it to grow. • How to choose which “Markets” or “Equities” to trade. • Know how to be aggressive or conservative in your trading approach. • The difference between trading with a Broker or a Spread Betting Company.

WHO WILL BENEFIT? This program will appeal to both existing traders that are perhaps struggling to be successful or those that are new to trading who want to skip the experimentation process and who want to eliminate the mistakes that most new traders make. We make sure everyone has got a real good understanding of the basics of price action.  Did you know that being able to read a single vertical bar properly is very important and should never be dismissed as being insignificant. In certain time frames this knowledge alone can give good trading signals. The trading signals our unique software gives on a stand alone basis are very powerful in their own right but by being able to analyse these signals in conjunction with the price action of the chart they represent offers an even greater opportunity for trading success. Be in no doubt anyone joining us for the sole benefit of using our software will be very happy but the icing on the cake (so to speak)is also discovering that the training on offer that goes hand in hand with using the software is what makes this a truthfully truly great opportunity to be successful and “be a winning trader”. Our program is targeted at educating and cementing a strong understanding and methodology for successful Financial trading. It is training you can take away and put into immediate practice.


“I have known Ian for many years. I first attended one his seminars in 1998. He has been an immense help to my trading throughout the years. He recently asked me to evaluate a new piece of software he had developed that gave visual signals. I can honestly say I have been massively impressed with the signals it generates in all time frames. I am looking forward to using this software on a permanent basis”…. Mr A O’K.. UK

IAN COMMENTS “It is my objective to give all our clients the very best opportunity to be successful and be “A Winning Trader”. With the help of our unique software and special training program I am confident that those whom want to achieve success will be able to do so with us. When one has a visual chart indicating either buying pressure, selling pressure or a neutral bias and using this in conjunction with the corresponding price action the edge that this gives is second to none. I do not expect everyone to be professionals immediately and to always make the correct decisions from the outset but it should certainly set those whom want to be successful on a path that achieves this aim. The conviction we all have in helping our clients achieve success I believe is second to none. I really do not want people to make the same mistakes that I continually made when I first started trading and it should be comforting to know through using our unique software and our training this does not have to happen to you”. You are more than welcome to contact Ian personally if you would like to speak with him regarding any aspect of trading or you would like a more in depth discussion of what we have to offer at “be a winning trader”. His details are………. email… or by telephone 0n 08456 449 429

*30 Day money back Guarantee Conditions* If you are unsatisfied with the performance of our indicator and trading methodology and have given us a fair opportunity to demonstrate and teach you its workings we will refund you the purchase price in full if requested within the first 30 days from purchase date. By “Demonstrate” we mean at least three one to one training calls and then proof from you that you have tried our methodologies using our defined guidlines and have shown them not to be working for you.


A Unique Indicator that simply paints price bars “RED”, “BLUE” or “GREEN” as a sign of Weakness, Strength or Neutrality respectively.

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Our Unique Trading tool takes the guess work out of decision making. Follow the colour of the bars in conjunction with our Price Action Methodology for outstanding results.

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Using our visual indicator means it is very easy to manually scan through your trading instruments and note those that have very recently or are about to change from one colour to another.

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Our team has over 40 years of trading experience. Our lead educator has been teaching others to successfully trade the Financial Markets since 1998.

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Full access to our MEMBERS area where you will learn our complete “Price Action Trading Method”. This includes our Vertical Bar Trading Pattern. This is the only pattern that occurs at every top or bottom in every market and time frame.

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PRICE ACTION TRADING is the key to your Trading Success.

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Be a Winning Trader