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Why Choose Us?


Our team has over 40 years of trading experience. Our founder and lead educator has been trading and investing in the Financial Markets since the early 1980’s. He has been teaching others to successfully trade the Financial Markets using Price Action since 1998. Having been a mentor/teacher for now in excess of 20 years we have taught literally hundreds and hundreds of traders. Many are not only from the UK but from around the Globe of which a number have now made trading the Financial Markets their profession. Indeed some are now high profile professionals in the Financial World that are regular contributors on TV etc.

Our founder and lead educator has featured in different Financial publications such as “SHARES” magazine, has spoken at and continues to do so at many trading events in the UK. He is been a regular contributor on Financial online TV channels etc.

The PERSONAL UNLIMITED MENTORING that is offered as a way of learning our professional Price Action Trading Methodology coupled with having the ability to use our uniquely developed software trading tool that simplifies trading decisions make us stand out from most if not all Financial training Companies. When you consider this together with us always taking into consideration the needs of each individual member and moulding the training around those needs it soon becomes very clear why we have been and continue to be the training company of choice for so many.

I appreciate the time you have spent with me recently in helping me understand with certainty your method for trading signals. It was just a light bulb moment that just turned the switch on during our last call. Without your personal one to one help this would have taken much longer to happen for me. Thank you so much”……. Roy W…

If you want to achieve success as a Financial Trader you have no better opportunity to do so than put your belief and trust in us to be your educator and mentor.

In our humble opinion, the service and value we offer each member is SECOND to NONE!!


A Unique Indicator that simply paints price bars “RED”, “BLUE” or “GREEN” as a sign of Weakness, Strength or Neutrality respectively.

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Our Unique indicator takes the guess work out of decision making. Follow the colour of the bars in conjunction with a trading plan and risk strategy for outstanding results.

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Using our visual indicator means it is very easy to manually scan through your trading instruments and note those that have very recently or are about to change from one colour to another.

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Our team has over 40 years of trading experience. Our lead educator has been teaching others to successfully trade the Financial Markets since 1998.

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Full access to our MEMBERS area where you will learn our complete “Price Action Trading Method”. This includes our Vertical Bar Trading Pattern. This is the only pattern that occurs at every top or bottom in every market and time frame.

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We offer a 30 day trial of our software that also includes access to at least two “Live Trading Rooms” coupled with unlimited email and telephone support for £95.

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