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Our Broker Trading Partner is ForexVox


Over our many years in this industry we have only worked with a few Brokers as our partners. We have been selective as we feel strongly that our Broker partner must fit the needs of both ourselves and clients/members.

ForexVox is everything a trader needs.

  1. It is Fully Regulated.
  2. It has low spreads.
  3. It gives the retail trader the ability to trade multiple assets.
  4. Customer service is excellent.
  5. Educational LIVE DAILY chatrooms.

ForexVox have multi regulated divisions.

The UK division is registered in the City of London and another registered in the Seychelles. It is continuing to open other divisions in other Countries of the World. Both the London Company and the Seychelles division are the ones we are associated with at present.

Let us categorically state that each ForexVox Company/Division is Fully Regulated with the associated Financial Authority legislating over that Country.

ForexVox, London is fully regulated by the FCA. Regulation Number, 586541.

ForexVox, Seychelles is fully regulated there with the highest regulation possible, a 730K regulation.

They are two separate companies.

 One of the advantages of having an offshore division (Seychelles) is that it can offer a much greater trading leverage in comparison to the London division that comes under the FCA regulation. The UK leverages were greatly reduced because of the pan -European directive that came into force in August 2018. This means all UK FCA regulated brokerages have a much lower leverage compared to what was previously allowed prior to the directive. As many retail traders enjoy greater leverage the only way to get it is by having an offshore brokerage account. The risk then with offshore is making sure your funds are safe. With ForexVox having the highest regulation possible in the Seychelles, this greatly reduces that worry. It is a fact that other large UK based brokerage firms have opened offshore divisions in recent times. One of the purposes is having the ability of being able to offer their retail clients the greater leveraged product.

As a partner with ForexVox we can now offer our clients and members accounts with the London division, the Seychelles division and even the option of having accounts with both. Having a trading account in each of the divisions gives you the ability to switch between each as it suits, even on an intraday basis. This can even include switching funds from offshore to London and back again with just a click of a button.

Having ForexVox as your broker with our introduction using the link below will give you many benefits over and above those that you would normally receive.

These include….

FREE access to our Daily Chat room. Each day there is daily commentary as well as regularly posted trades across different instruments. This cost is normally £67 per Month but for all “Be A Winning Trader” Live Accounts it is free.

Another great advantage through our introduction is we have negotiated tighter spreads across most instruments when trading a live account for all our clients/members. You also get customer support from not only ForexVox but also customer support from ourselves. This can be in relation to anything related to your trading or queries you would like us to help you sort with the broker on your behalf.

The link to sign up  for a ForexVox Broker Account is below.

ForexVox London LIVE Acc….

ForexVox London, DEMO Acc…

ForexVox Seychelles.. LIVE Acc….

ForexVox..Seychelles… DEMO Acc…

To join our Live Daily chatroom (Free for 7 Days for non ForexVox Live Clients) click on the link below.

If you are wondering which broker to use to trade look no further than ForexVox.