Be A Consistently Profitable Trader Week in Week Out Trading Crude Oil..

This FREE Masterclass is your Opportunity To Learn How To Successfully Trade One Of The Most Profitable Markets You Can Trade.

Ian Foster - Founder & CEO -


 25th November 2019

  • 12:45pm - 1:45pm (London)
  • 7:45 - 8:45am (NewYork))

This FREE MASTERCLASS Will Show You How You Can Be Consistently Profitable Week in Week out Trading CRUDE OIL Using a Professional Price Action Methodology Coupled With a Unique Trading Tool No Matter If You Are Experienced At Trading or are a COMPLETE NEWBIE To Trading...

  • No More Missed Trading Opportunities Because Of Looking At Too Many Markets – Light Crude Oil is a market that gives Fantastic Trading Opportunities each and every Day and therefore there is NO need to look at other Markets to Trade.
  • No More Having To Spend Hours upon Hours Trading - Our Methodology can often have you Finished Trading in Under 1 Hour Per Day with your Target Profit achieved.
  • Low Margin Requirements. - The Initial Margin Requirements in relation to the possible returns for trading Light Crude Oil are small in comparrison to Trading the Forex and CFD markets anywhere in Europe.
  • Low Risk Trading Entries – We Know from the outset of each trade what our risk is. If it within our risk parameters we take the trade, if it is not we wait for the next Low Risk Trade.
  • Discover Which Time/Price Frame is Best To Use - We have perfected through many hours trading the best price range chart to use that consistently gives us Low Risk Trades with Superb returns. 
  • Learn to Use A Totally Professional Methodology.....Our Methodology can be used to Trade any Financial Instrument and on any Time frame but When used to Trade Light Crude Oil and Coupled with our UNIQUE TRADING TOOL you will soon discover you have a real edge. 
  • Learn From A Veteran Trader - Our head educator has been trading for well over 30 years and teaching others to trade this past 20 years!!

To help you become a successful Oil trader I invite you to join me in a special FREE MASTERCLASS: "Be A Consistenly Proftable Trader Week in Week out Trading Oil".  

I will show you my exact Trading Methodology and Demonstrate it working like a Dream Trading Light Crude Oil. Join me now!!!