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Webinar Special – Complete MEMBERSHIP

Webinar Special – Complete MEMBERSHIP

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Our training program teaches how to use our unique proprietary software in conjunction with our “Price Action Trading Methodology” for remarkable results


  • Our Unique software that visually colours each bar that indicates if there is more Buying or Selling pressure but also indicates if there is a neutral bias.
  • Unlimited access to our Unique STB Trend Trader Software including all updates.
  • Professional training where you will learn the complete “Price Action Trading Methodology”
  • Access to regular webinars where you are able to interact and continually learn.
  • Unlimited Access to our regular LIVE TRADING ROOMS.
  • Continuous email support and telephone support (if required)
  • One to One telephone support.
  • Unlimited email support.


In our program you will learn how to use our unique indicator to its maximum effect by also learning our very comprehensive yet straightforward “Price Action Trading Method”. Our “Price Action Trading Method” is very powerful in its own right but when coupled with our visual indicator it makes trading that little bit easier with sometimes astonishing results!

Our leading educator, Ian Foster has been trading on a Daily basis for over 20 years and has been teaching others to trade through workshops and personal tutoring since 1998.

The experiences he has gained and the knowledge that he imparts with all attendees is very much second to none. He has featured in different Financial publications such as “Shares” magazine and has spoken at many trading events in the UK. He is a regular contributor on TIP TV. The objective of our training program is to ensure all our clients have the best opportunity possible of being successful.

As a team, we work tirelessly to make this happen. On our regular training webinars, (that are only available to all our clients) we go through all aspects of our methodologies and go over charts of the past week complete with our indicators and analyze each of the trades. We continually show and demonstrate how to maximise our software signals in conjunction with our “Price Action Trading Method” Doing this gives everyone a real understanding of how to make informed decisions and take only those trades with a high probability of success.


  • How to trade our unique software with precision accuracy.
  • How to analyse and trade any Financial market based on our “Price Action Trading Methodology”.
  • Know at the time of entry to the very point/pip where a “protective stop” should be placed.
  • How to use proper money and risk management techniques.
  • How to choose which instruments to trade.
  • Know how to be aggressive or conservative in your trading approach.


This program will appeal to NEW TRADERS who want to skip the experimentation process by avoiding the mistakes most new traders make or the EXISTING TRADER that is perhaps struggling to be successful. Be in no doubt anyone joining us for the sole benefit of using our software will be very happy but the icing on the cake (so to speak)is our professional training program that further enhances the whole concept of being a “Winning Trader”.

Our program is targeted at educating and cementing a strong understanding and methodology for successful Financial trading. It is training you can take away and put into immediate practice.


1 review for Webinar Special – Complete MEMBERSHIP

  1. Simon Campbell

    I’ve featured Ian as a mentor on the Round the Clock Trader webinars over the past few years to thousands of traders worldwide, and have received very positive feedback from the traders who joined his group. Ian’s simple, no-nonsense approach, matched with a very personal touch and a robust system, is what makes him stand out from the crowd and a excellent way for traders to earn consistent returns.

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