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Why being A Full Member of Our Trading Family Will give you the best chance of trading success

Being a full member of our trading family not only means you have continued access to a unique piece of software that picks the beginning of new trending moves with remarkable accuracy but also means you have access to our complete trading program which consists of our “Price Action Trading Methodology”.

Our comprehensive training MASTERCLASS compliments our unique software by teaching an in-depth methodology that puts all participants in a par to trade as good as any PROFESSIONAL.


Imagine of being assured of never missing a Trending move again!!!

Being a Member of our Trading Family gives you all the required tools in order for you to become a successful trader. This is possible because you will learn our complete “Price Action Trading Methodology” from beginning to end and then be taught how to implement this strategy with our unique TRADING TOOL, the “STB TREND TRADER”. Our Price Action Methodology on its own will transform your trading but when used with our software you will discover you have a real edge when making your trading decisions.


Our Price Action Trading Methodology begins with by being able to understand the basics of Price Action. The basics of price action are the “Single Vertical Bar”, the “Dual Vertical Bar”, the “Inside Vertical Bar” and the “Outside Vertical Bar”. Understanding each of these and being able to action what they are indicating is powerful in its own right but when you learn our “VERTICAL BAR TRADING PATTERN”  and learn how to use it in conjunction with the Price Action Basics you will very quickly see how to make superbly judged and successful trading decisions. This style of trading is very much how the Professionals trade. Trading the VBTP (Vertical Bar Trading Pattern) in the direction of its trend just really simplifies the whole decision making process. It very quickly picks out new trending moves at the most opportune times and then enables you to stay with those moves until such times that they are exhausted.


Our trend trader software is a simple yet powerful piece of software that supplements our Price Action Trading Methodology. It works by determining if there is strength, weakness or neutrality in a market. It works in any traded instrument and any TIME FRAME. It will at all times further strengthen what the Price Action of that instrument is telling you. You can be rest assured you will never miss a Trending Move if using this unique software tool in conjunction with our methodology.  Just look at the example below where trend trader picked out the BEGINNING OF A NEW TRENDING UPWARD MOVE IN THE DOW at 18923. It went on to move over 2000 points higher.

There are numerous other examples of the superb signals the software continually picks out. Look at our “Market Update” section for the latest signals on the different instruments.


On our training program we teach our complete “Price Action Trading Methodology”. This includes our “Vertical Bar Trading Pattern” (VBTP). As I have already said knowing how to read the VBTP in conjunction with the signals of the software and executing trades on this basis gives you a great method of having regular winning trades. Also within our methodology you will learn where a protective “STOP” needs to be strategically placed at the time of trade entry. This is so important because having this knowledge enables proper Money Management and Risk Management analysis to be quickly done when entering a trade.

Proper money management and risk management techniques are taught. It is so very important to have a proper trading plan implemented based on risk and money management if one is to be successful at trading. We also help one to understand how important it is to have the proper mindset.

Our “Price Action Trading Methodology” is a complete professional package. It is delivered by our lead educator Ian Foster. Ian has been trading on a Daily basis for over 20 years and has been teaching others through workshops and personal tutoring since 1998. The experiences he has gained throughout the years and the knowledge he imparts to all is very much second to none. He has featured in many different Financial publications such as “Shares” magazine etc and has spoken at many trading events in the UK. He is a regular contributor on TIP TV.

IAN COMMENTS “It is my objective to give all our members the very best opportunity to be successful by making sure the correct time is spent with each individual to ensure that they have a proper understanding of how to maximise the potential of the software signals. With the help of our unique software and special training program I am confident that those whom want to achieve success will be able to do so with us.

All in all our program is targeted and educating and cementing a strong understanding and methodology for successful Financial trading.

As part of our full membership benefits you will also have a continued access to our LIVE TRADING ROOM. Our live room is held regularly and it is where our members watch the software in action on many different instruments on a realtime basis. Quite often excellent trades are picked out during the live room. Many members find the live rooms to be an excellent form of education.

A full member will also have One to One support for as long as is needed. This support is by way of not only email communication but also telephone. Having the support we offer means no member is never on their own.

• Unlimited access to our Unique STB Trend Trader Software including all updates.
• Professional training where you will learn the complete “Price Action Trading Methodology”.
• Unlimited Access to our regular LIVE TRADING ROOMS.
• One to One telephone support.
• Unlimited email support.

• How to trade our unique software with precision accuracy.
• How to analyse and trade any Financial market based on our “Price Action Trading Methodology”.
• Know at the time of entry to the very point/pip where a “protective stop” should be placed.
• How to use proper money and risk management techniques.
• How to choose which instruments to trade.
• Know how to be aggressive or conservative in your trading approach.

This program will appeal to NEW TRADERS who want to skip the experimentation process by avoiding the mistakes most new traders make or the EXISTING TRADER that is perhaps struggling to be successful. Be in no doubt anyone joining us for the sole benefit of using our software will be very happy but the icing on the cake (so to speak) is our professional training program that further enhances the whole concept of being a “Winning Trader”. Our program is targeted at educating and cementing a strong understanding and methodology for successful Financial trading. It is training you can take away and put into immediate practice.

“I have known Ian for many years. I first attended one his seminars in 1998. He has been an immense help to my trading throughout the years. He recently asked me to evaluate a new piece of software he had developed that gave visual signals. I can honestly say I have been massively impressed with the signals it generates in all time frames. I am looking forward to using this software on a permanent basis”…. Mr A O’K.. UK

To contact us with any questions please email or telephone 0115 946 9399.


Imagine of being assured of never missing a Trending move again!!!



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